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This Website is 100% pure Canadian, eh?

Upcoming Events

January 1999
DateEvent Description
20thBring family and friends to Canada Trust Parking Lot at Queen Elizabeth and Pretoria (at 7:00pm) for a Skate on the Canal.

February 1999
DateEvent Description
3rdCrew Elections (Full turnout requested).
12-14thCanadian Ski Marathon. Help Wanted!!! (Contact Squire Anna).
13thCrew day outing to the Ski Marathon checkpoint to help out. (More info at Feb 3rd meeting)
21stScout Church Parade (Full turnout required)
TBAWeekend camp at O'Briens Lake Cabin (Co-ordinator Required)

March 1999
DateEvent Description
TBAIndoor Rock Climbing at the Tower, St. Laurent. (Co-ordinator Required)
TBASpelunking at Luskville Caves. (Co-ordinator Required)

April 1999
DateEvent Description
TBAWhite Water Canoe Day. (Contact Squire Ron for date and details)
TBALaser Quest evening. (Opponents & Co-ordinator Required)
30-2ndCar Rally - Disney Theme (Co-ordinator Required)... We will succeed again!!!

May 1999
DateEvent Description
TBAHiking Weekend [to the Appellation Trail]. (Co-ordinator required)

June 1999
DateEvent Description
24thAnnual Crew BBQ (Volunteer venue required)