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Squire Program

The Squireship Program consists of five areas that develop the Squire mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. When a new Rover joins the Crew, he or she is given a necklace to wear signifying their commencement of the Squireship Program. The Squire is given a bead for each of the five sections once they have been completed and presented to the Crew. Upon obtaining all five beads, the Squire is ready to be Knighted.

The 5 Areas

  1. Service
    - The Squire must volunteer their time with or without the Crew for a minimum of 15 hours of service work.
    - The Squire has to present their ideas for the Crew approval and must do a presentation on the service that they did in order to receive the bead.
  2. Knowledge of the Crew Knight
    - The squire must answer a list of questions as decided by the Crew and research the Knight.
  3. Scouting Knowledge
    - The Squire must research and answer a list of questions about Scouting in the area, region, nationally and internationally, as decided by the Crew.
  4. Program Activity
    - The Squire must plan and organize an event for the Rover Crew.
  5. Personal Quest
    - The Squire decides on a personal quest or challenge to undertake and is approved by the Crew. This must be something that the Squire must work at and challenge him or her.