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The Couch Rally '97 Top Ten

Once the teams completed the Couch Rally, they were asked given an exam. Their responces to this exam are to be posted here... As Top Ten lists...

The Top Ten Funny/Tragic events that happened regarding the Couch Rally...

10. "Our couch was foam, so the race sucked" 9. "We stole the couch from school" 8. "A guy sat on our couch and smoked, without us even asking him to be in the photo" 7. "The operator at Oc Transpo Info Line wouldn't give me any of the info I wanted, then she hung up on me!" 6. "We Stopped traffic" 5. "A group of people from Ottawa University who were in one of our pictures thought that we were doing an art project" 4. "At the Terry Fox monument, a guy recognized us as Venturers and told us a weird riddle" 3. "A girl walked by and said "What the? Stupid Morons!!!" 2. "We ran into a pole" 1. "The RCMP guard at Parliament Hill stopped us so they could have a seat!"

The Top Ten Favorite Moments regarding the Couch Rally...
10. The Games and Check Points 9. The Photos 8. Sitting 7. Finishing 6. Running around asking people to be in our picture 5. People laughing at us 4. Waving at the people who are staring 3. Telling tourists what we are doing 2. All of it was great 1. Getting together and acting like fools in Downtown Ottawa. Meeting people who walked up to us and asked us about it.

The Top Ten Least Favorite Moments regarding the Couch Rally...
10. I Like it ALL!!! 9. Seeing people you know 8. Picking up the couch with a person on it 7. When people wouldn't come and sit with us 6. The ending 5. Falling over after spinning on the baseball bat 4. The funny looks people gave us 3. The sore feet! (And getting the wrong totem pole, that really sucked!) 2. Trying to push our way through the Rideau Centre [The Rideau Centre wasn't even part of the Couch Rally!!!] 1. Explaining to the cops!

The Top Ten Changes to be made for future years...
10. [??] No Couches [??] 9. Reduce cost 8. Don't change a thing 7. All couch would have to be real; NO lawn chairs!!! 6. Make Check Points easier for teams with heavy couches 5. Use a lighter couch 4. Have more Games 3. Make it last the whole weekend 2. Stopping other teams from stealing the people we recruited for our picture 1. No chance of rain!

The Top Ten Responces regarding having the Rally taking place all over the city and having the teams drive to each location...
10. Sure, why not... 9. It'll be too much like a car rally 8. Boring 7. Not as much exercise 6. No fun 5. It's better for your health to walk 4. It's better downtown 3. You won't get to talk to other people 2. Nobody would see the couches 1. Only if you pay for the gas!

The Top Five Responces regarding whether people from the public would be able to participate in the Couch Rally...
5. No... 4. Yes... 3. I think they'd enjoy it 2. Sure, as long as there was a Scouting member on each team 1. Yes, but as long as they knew we were part of Scouts Canada

In addition to the questions, we asked the following:
On a scale from 1 to 10 (Ten being the best); How would you rate this event? Out of the 34 Surveys, an average of 8.65 was given!
Additional Comments: 5. Get the older members (i.e. advisors) to participate as well 4. Give maps of Ottawa 3. Thanx, it was a cool day! 2. Overall, we had a lot of fun! 1. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!
Once again, I'd like to thank all the teams that participated and all of those who passed the exam!

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